Romeo is a young Director, Screenwriter and Actor

Romeo Domenichini

Born in Italy and raised in New Zealand, I began my film and drama education at Rangitoto College where I studied Drama and took part in a copious number of dramatic extracurricular activities. Gaining school wide recognition for my portrayal of Demetrius in our rendition of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Marc Antony in Antony and Cleopatra. I passed all my classes with high grades, with a special focus on physical theatre.

In 2011 I moved to the UK in order to complete my education. After a not insignificant audition process I was accepted into Arts Educational schools London in Chiswick where I Studied English Literature, Media Studies, Drama, and History. This was my first proper introduction to film and is where I discovered my passion for the subject. I thrived in and enjoyed my media classes and always made sure to bring a great enthusiasm to the day’s work.  I took each new film I made as a serious learning opportunity to make a better film than the last one.

My drama studies gave me a great appreciation and understanding for the acting craft and I was able to incorporate this wider knowledge to enhance my directing capability. I was very pleased when our A-level Devised Drama Piece “Tatty Tales” was chosen to compete amongst universities in the National Student Drama Festival in Scarborough. That was a truly fantastic experience that allowed us to showcase our work to a wide range of industry professionals including playwright Chris Thorpe.

After Graduating Artsed with 3 A-levels in Drama, Media Studies and English literature, on top of a bronze and silver Lamda certification with distinction and merit respectively, I was successfully able to write an application to the MET film school which granted me an interview, that in turn led to my being offered a place at the school. There I was given a chance to really develop my skill and style of filmmaking under the tutelage of industry professionals. There I was able to create such works as my web series pilot Rogue’s Gallery among other works that all culminated in my graduation project, the romantic comedy Sun & Rain.

Whilst at MET I discovered an enjoyment in the props/set department, finding a natural affinity for shopping for/constructing unique props. This made me popular to work with on projects, as I was able to give the Mise en Scene of the shots that added level of detail that helps create an organic world that the audience believes on-screen. I graduated MET in late 2015, having successfully passed the writing and Directing course with a minor in set design/props. I’m looking onwards and upwards for new exciting projects and ventures in the world of film.