A few examples of Romeo's Met School Film Projects.


Winter Song

Helen and Frankie Smith are sisters, but their similarities end at their shoe size, Helen is a high-achieving bookworm who went on to become a renown photographer for the National Geographic. Frankie, on the other hand, is an aspiring musician, somewhat of a hippie, and underachiever. Helen has agreed to take Frankie in until she gets back on her feet but that means that Helen is forced to take Frankie on her latest expedition to photograph the elusive White Raven in far north Finland. Ill equipped for these sorts of expeditions, Frankie soon becomes a thorn in her sister's side and old arguments emerge. Amidst the cold, the sisters must learn to work together and appreciate each other’s specific talents in order to succeed.


Bleed and Blend

A piece of experimental cinema that uses color to explore human interaction, whether interacting with the world of each other, we are constantly changing and being changed, ever evolving. See the sadness, the joy, the rage, and all that is life as it envelops us.









Join brilliant bio-engineer Erin, victim of a terrible crime as she struggles with the emotional damage. Overcome with rage, she desperately seeks out a cure for her feeling of helplessness to ensure no one can ever hurt her again; leading her to create the super strength serum RED. With RED empowering her she seeks out justice on her own terms but soon learns that blind vengeance doesn’t heal wounds, it only creates more.




Nonno (Italian for grandfather)

“Nonno” is a look into the life experiences of Paolo Domenichini (93) a man who, at the age of 21 was conscripted by the Italian fascist government to fight in the Second World War, and a journey through his experiences as well as the experiences of others who were forced to fight for a regime they never believed in, and who did all they could to fight back and escape.